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Something new for the dry-curious (Shopify adult beverage quiz)

Something new for the dry-curious (Shopify adult beverage quiz)

⏱️ Time to create: 4:27

I recently discovered BRĒZ, a brand that makes non-alcoholic, microdosed drinks. So here's a marketing idea for 4/20, which is also their birthday (that's good marketing!).

I used TikTok in this example since they have a decent following there. But in retrospect, I'd make it social network agnostic and use the same link across all social networks unless you need to collect social usernames.

The gist: Followers take a quick quiz to discover their new favorite flavor for a chance to win a $420 gift card.

Benefit: Customers get exposed to what Brez offers, including the perfect one for them, and Brez gets contact deets + product preferences for future marketing, informing product development, etc. 🚀

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