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Coachella merch matcher (Shopify event merch quiz)

Coachella merch matcher (Shopify event merch quiz)

⏱️ Time to create: 5:44

I was inspired by Coachella since it's that time of year. They have a huge social following, but they could leverage it better to sell more merch, which would further boost event awareness and engagement.

I made this Instagram example in a few min, but should it also happen on TikTok, YouTube & anywhere else they have an audience. The cost? A shirt πŸ‘•

The gist:

  1. Name it something fun & pick the best-selling merch (their store is on Shopify)
  2. Generate a product quiz with a click
  3. Fans take quiz for a chance to win their top pick
  4. Fans discover merch they love most (product awareness)
  5. Coachella gets contact info & buying preferences from fans to inform future merch + personalize marketing comms throughout the year

Everyone loves social giveaways. The cost is whatever you give away, and it takes just 5 minutes to create. It just might be the highest ROI marketing you ever do πŸ˜‰

Do this every day of the event, and tell me it won't double merch sales! πŸš€

This would be implemented as a Quiz Button (modal that opens when clicked) at the top of collections pages.

Try the quiz πŸ‘‡β¬‡οΈ

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