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Light up her Mother's Day with the perfect candle (Shopify candle quiz)

Light up her Mother's Day with the perfect candle (Shopify candle quiz)

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Have you ever heard of Nest Candles? They're my wife's favorite candle. And if I were to get her a candle for Mother's Day, I'd have no idea which one to get for her. I can't be alone there 🙋‍♂️

We recently pushed another major update to our recommendations AI, so I thought why not try using it to pick a candle for a Mother's Day gift? So I did. I was impressed with the results, see for yourself below.

From a marketing standpoint, imagine the benefits of including a quiz every time you promote products like candles or diffusers on social media. It not only helps customers make a choice, but it also boosts your email lists and provides valuable zero-party data for personalized marketing communications.

The whole quiz creation process took less than 2 minutes, start to finish.

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